Biegelow Aerospace


The Bigelow Aerospace is an American space innovation new business situated in North Las Vegas, Nevada, that makes and creates expandable space station modules.

BA330 Module
The BA330 Space Station Module source: Biegelow Aerospace

Bigelow Aerospace was established by Robert Bigelow in 1999 and is supported in enormous part by the benefit Bigelow increased through his responsibility for lodging network, Budget Suites of America. As at 2013, Bigelow had put in US$250 million in the company. Bigelow has expressed on different events that he is set up to store Bigelow Aerospace with about US$500 million through 2015 so as to accomplish dispatch of full-scale equipment.

And as time passed, Bigelow Aerospace has looked into various advancements it can attain, Bigelow Aerospace has expressed they mean to make a particular arrangement of room territories for making or extending space stations. Since it was founded the company has focused on manufacturing inflatable space modules that would serve as a habitat station and the space company has successfully launched Bigelow Space Operations which will serve the purpose of marketing and controlling these inflatable space habitats which could be used as space hotels.

The company has made a statement that its first objective will be to quantify the market for orbiting stations, it has spent millions of dollars in 2018 to map out the opportunities available on the global, national, and corporate level. The Bigelow Space Operations has made it known that the two B330 inflatable space habitats plans to launch in 2021. The B330-1 and the B330-2 are intended for low-Earth orbit, and each is fit for lodging up to six individuals inside its 330 cubic meters (about 12,000 cubic feet) of expandable space. What all of these brings forward is the innovation and betterment of space exploration.


Space tourism is an action identified with space: regardless of whether that is going to space as a tourist, watching a rocket dispatch, going stargazing, or heading out to a space-centered destination. Since the early discovery and exploration of space, not a lot of people could go out to space due to the fact the right equipment needed was not available then but as time progressed forward, things started to change drastically, aerospace companies and organizations sprung up to aid in the space exploration and with time recognized the interest of people to go on space tourism and the companies acted on it.

Now various measures have been put in place to make space tourism possible, it’s no longer something you can merely wish for, you can attain it and in the decades to come, this number will grow rapidly, as space tourism becomes commonplace and more people are able to afford access to space. The current achievements of space exploration is not where it will all end, aerospace engineers are looking for ways to be more innovative, to be more better than what they have going on now, it’s like a never ending discovery because space itself holds quite a lot of wonders as well.


Earlier you already got to know about Bigelow and how it started, and how it has set motion on establishing a hotel in space, you might be thinking that’s impossible but mind you this is a company that has been up and running for a really long time and during it’s time frame has had its own share of achievements and honors. Bigelow has been able to receive various honors for its spaceflight honors. On October 3, 2006, Bigelow Aerospace got the Innovator Award from the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation. The award recognizes “initiatives or new inventions that have had recent impact on or hold particular promise for satellite communications and society, and stand as distinguished examples of innovative thinking.” Robert Bigelow was presented the award at the Arthur C. Clarke Awards in Washington D.C.

On January 26, 2007, the Space Foundation reported that Bigelow Aerospace would be the beneficiary of its 2007 Space Achievement Award. Bigelow Aerospace joins a rundown of past champs that incorporate the Titan Launch Vehicle group; The Inertial Upper Stage group, the SpaceShipOne group; the Arianespace-CNES Ariane 4 dispatch group; the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) groups; the NASA/Industry Galileo space test group; the Hubble Space Telescope group; Sea Launch; and the NASA/Boeing International Space Station group. The honor was introduced to Robert Bigelow on April 9, 2007 at the 23rd National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
B330 The B330 which was previously known as the Nautilus space complex module and BA 330 is an inflatable space habitat that is being privately created by Bigelow Aerospace. The structure was developed from NASA’s TransHab natural surroundings idea. B330 will have 330 cubic meters (12,000 cu ft) of inner volume, consequently its numeric assignment. The craft is proposed to help zero-gravity research including logical missions and assembling forms. Past its mechanical and logical purposes, in any case, it has potential as a goal for space the travel industry and an art for missions bound for the Moon and Mars.


Dragon 2 hover test

SpaceX test his Dragon capsule for human spaceflight.

When it comes down to space tourism or exploration, if you are looking forward to it and you want a private aerospace company to seek out, focus on the private companies that wants you to be more interested and inclined with all what you’ll be learning about. SpaceX has been able to stand out in the crowd and as years go by other companies are also being acknowledge and those companies include Blue Origin, Boeing and Sierra Nevada Corporation.